The Amazon | The richest territory of the planet, both in biodiversity and multiculturalism, also is one of the most affected by global warming and social exclusion. Deforestation, extinction of species and cultures threaten the Amazon, where most of the population does not have access to education and basic public services.

How can we help? | By integrating efforts for the local people (especially children) to expand their opportunities to access technological and social innovation programs.

The Floating Fab – Amazon | The project to create a digital fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) that will navigate the Amazon River. Is a new vision about alternatives to the main challenges of today’s world: climate change and social inclusion, integrating the most advanced technologies in digital manufacturing with the potential of the cultural and natural diversity of the Amazon territory (one of the most affected areas by the global warming).

Its condition of green heart makes it the ideal place where the manufacturing of the future could be incubated, exploring alternatives towards a responsible and responsive industry which is sensible and integrated to local and global developments in differents fields as bio-printing, food-printing, eco-construction, bio-electronics, etc. and, it will provide local communities with access to technological tools that allow them to cope with their daily challenges with water, energy, health, food, education while at the same time, serve as a place for research and development to better understand the Amazon.


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