“Beno is the maximum reference about digital Fabrication Technologies in Latin America and one of the world’s leading creative minds and most promising entrepreneur on how to improve lives.”  IDB, November 2015 .  

As general director of the Latin America Fab Lab Network (Fab LaT) works for technological democratization through the creation of digital fabrication projects based on multiculturalism and biodiversity as The Floating Fab Lab Amazon “the most disruptive project at world about digital manufacturing and global warning” Solutions Summit, UN 2015.


I grew up in the Peruvian jungle (my first LAB) where nature inspired a special sensitivity and creativity, but I was also witness to the impact of terrorism in one of the poorest areas of my country. Nature and creativity, as opposed to terrorism and exclusion, would mark, years later, my vocation to connect “Innovation & Inclusion.”

For most kids of my generation, future only could mean: to Become a Farmer or Mother, Military or Terrorist. Fortunately, this situation is part of the past, but, in differents places in Latin America, social exclusion still is present, specially in The Amazon rainforest, the richest region of the world in biodiversity, and paradoxically, one of the poorest social area.

As many families in my country, mine, had to migrate to the capital: Lima. I fell in love of this city and I studied architecture. Lima became my second laboratory where I experimented on technological projects for social innovation.

Thanks to this projects, I was selected as founder of the first Fab Lab in South America (Lima) wich is also the supernode of Latin America, a project of the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-CBA), sponsored by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and promoted by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC, Barcelona), to democratize the accesess to digital fabrication tools, as 3D printers, Laser cutters, milling machines…

Today, as director of the Latin America Fab Lab Network (FAB LAT), I develop new ways to connect digital fabrication with the potencial of culture and nature in our region.

This is my inspiration and motivation to create: The Floating Fab Lab Amazon, selected by UN as “the most disruptive projects in the world about future manufacturing and nature conservation, that provide concrete solutions to the new Sustainable global Challenges”. (NYC, 2015).

Today, my goal is provides access to the benefits of digital manufacturing to native population to solve their problems as health, energy needs, and high quality education integrating local and global process.

Its condition of green heart makes it the ideal place where the manufacturing of the future could be incubated, exploring alternatives towards a responsible and responsive industry in differents fields as bio-printing, eco-construction, bio-electronics, new materials, etc.

Today, I’m commitment to develop a new vision about alternatives to the main challenges of today’s world: climate change and social inclusion, integrating the most advanced technologies in Bio+Digital manufacturing with the potential of the cultural and natural diversity of the Amazon rainforest.


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